Here’s a list of commonly asked questions in comments or by mail.

1) What books do you recommend ?

I have already written post on best books recommended for GRE. I have nothing to add.

2) Okay, you mentioned Magoosh and Manhattan are best but my sister read Princeton and still scored more than you ? Why is it so ?

My dear fellow, then why are you bothering me, you can go and ask your sister for much better advice.

3) You wrote in your blog posts, that you need 2-3 months at the least for preparing GRE but my senior cracked GRE with score more than 320 in 1 month, Can I also do it one month ?

Dude, first I don’t know who the hell you are and I don’t know who the hell your senior is and most importantly I don’t know your current skills and capabilities so I cannot predict and why the duck you are asking me ? You should ask that question yourself.

4) You mentioned Magoosh and Manhattan as recommended resources, but those are costly and I don’t have money to buy them. Can you please…..

Okay let me stop you right here, Do you know how much money you will spend for applications, flight tickets, accommodation and tuition ? If you do not have money to buy needed books, then forget about masters right now.

5) If I buy the books you recommended, will I get above 320 ?

Oh dear god ! No, you don’t even get above 270 if you just buy books. You have to study, apply the techniques and practice your ass off!

6) I got XXX score and my toefl score is XXX. Can I get into XXX university ?

I don’t know brother, I am student like you so I do not know about every university and their requirement, go and research youself. I already wrote a blog post on how to find universities for masters.

7) Okay I need some help, Can I send you a mail or leave a comment ?

Sure, If I achieved some little things, its only by the help of others, I will be more than happy to help you BUT. BUT do your research, if you ask me what is the best book for GRE, I am not gonna answer you because I already wrote about it in my blog posts and I cannot waste time for you on things which you can easily know if you kept some little effort.

8)Why did you chose Canada instead of US ? You have nice score you could easily get good university in US ?

This is the most frequently asked question which annoys me more than ever. What do you think ? Is Canada for losers ? And how do you define “good” ? Not all universities in US are “good”. There is no rule anywhere that all people who go to US are smart and others are dumb. I have my own requirements and the university I chose satisfies my requirements.

9) Why don’t you reply properly ?

I am sorry if I didn’t reply. It might be because of reasons said above or I forgot. I am now doing masters and working ass of here, my bachelors is electronics and I am doing masters in computer science so I need more time than other students to understand concepts, so inadvertently I might forget few things. You are most welcome to send a friendly reminder if I didn’t respond in a week or so but mostly I will respond before you need to send a remainder.

10) Aren’t you being rude ?

Oh, yeah ! I am purposefully being rude. You don’t know the mails and comments I get and if you want to do masters here, start learning things by yourself. No one’s gonna spoon feed you here. Get ready for a tough life !!

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  1. henry
    henry January 20, 2016 at 3:21 am | | Reply

    By this time I believe you might have got a good idea about job conditions in canada or waterloo region say. Please share those ideas. I have applied for fall 2016 ms in mech engg. to top 4 canadian uni. which I think you know very well. I want to know how is waterloo uni. from inside, what all things happen, and how well is it reputed wrt to toronto ,mcgill and ubc. What companies come to waterloo in job fairs?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Vasavi
    Vasavi November 2, 2016 at 10:08 am | | Reply

    Good evening Mr.harsha please clarify my doubt ,can I book two ielts slots with a differnce of 15 days.

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