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    USER FROM KANPUR December 5, 2014 at 4:39 pm | | Reply

    To convert simple data types into objects, that is, to give object form to a data type;To convert strings into data types (known as parsing operations).This is what you want to explain.If you explain the difference between primitive data type and data in object form in terms of a java program for use in List,Map etc., that will be much better explaination. Because people who have learned programming using C++ or C, for them wrapper class is not of much use.In C or C++ just use atoi for converting string to integer without going through un-necessary wrapper class. There are many great things in Java and more than that there are un-necesary things which could be simplified.Some can say that wrapper class makes JAVA object oriented language, for them C++ or C functions are much better,lot easy and avoids un-necessary paraphrenalia of Object Orientation.

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