Day 12- Exceptions

Day 12- Exceptions

What is an Exception ? An unwanted , unexpected event that disturbs the normal flow of the program is called an Exception. Its highly recommendable to handle an exception. The main purpose of exception handling is graceful termination of the program. Exception handling doesn’t mean repairing an exception, it means defining an alternative way to continue rest […]

Day 11 – Threads part – 2

This is continuation of Threads-1 post.  join(), yield(), sleep() We can prevent or stop a Thread from execution by using join(), yield(), sleep() methods yield() yield() causes to pause current executing thread to give  chance for remaining waiting threads of same priority. If there is no waiting thread or all waiting threads have a lesser priority then […]

Day-10 Multithreading in Java

After a long time, I resumed my preparation for OCJP, I wasn’t able to study for last few days because my granddad died and my home is stormed with guests, i had to take my sister to Guntur(8 hrs from my place) for JEE Mains exam and to add I suffered a heat stroke, its […]