SriHarsha Bolisetti

SriHarsha Bolisetti

I am Sri Harsha Bolisetti, a graduate student in computer science at University of Waterloo.

Link Tank : Collection of articles helpful to ace GRE

As some one rightly said “Knowing the enemy is half victory” , likewise to be successful in GRE you should have good idea about its pattern, common tips and traps etc . Reading all these articles may seem trivial but a good number of small things make a huge difference. Learn what the experts and […]

Day1 – OOPS

As I promised in my previous entry, I am gonna update my pogress regarding OCJP. Today, I studied about OOPS. Data Hiding ,Abstraction, Encapsulation IS-A, HAS-A Relationship Method Signature in Java Overloading , Overriding Method Hiding Typecasting Static, Instance control flow Coupling,Cohesion Constructors I made good number of flash cards on these concepts. Lets get started Static […]