Awesome people to follow in Quora to gain insight about tech industry

Do you love Technology ? Are you a final year student or an entry level grad who is hungry for real world information, then there is a pretty good chance that you will love Quora. I spend so many hours everyday consuming information from Quora. The amount of wisdom you can gain is unbelievable, the company’s mission itself is “to share and grow the world’s knowledge”.

I gained much better insight about tech industry and how to succeed as a software professional by reading insightful posts from the below persons.

Gayle Laakmann McDowell

Do you want to work in a top company ? Do you want to know about silicon valley in general ? Are you thinking about pros and cons of doing an MBA even after being successful as a developer ? Then you must follow Gayle Laakmann. She is the author of a very successful interview preparation book “Cracking the coding interview”. As a full time googler, a wharton MBA grad, mother of 2 kids her insightful answers in interview preparation, technology, silicon valley, feminism are fabulous.

Adam D’Angelo

Adam is the CEO of Quora, former CTO of Facebook. What else can be more cool than being CEO of a super awesome company and CTO of another super successful company ? You can learn a lot from his advice on how to become good at programming, about how they developed quora by reading his answers.

Vladimir Novakovski

Ever heard about High Frequency Trading or automated trading ? I used to wonder a lot about what is that and why the HFT developers earn a huge salaries like 200k base and 200k$. The whole automated trading industry itself used to confuse me till I came across Vladimir Navokovski’s profile. Vladimir is the VP of engineering in Addepar, he worked as an engineering manager in quora and as a dev in HFT industry. Follow him to gain insight about the niche industry of High Frequency Trading or to learn more about Addepar.

Brian Bi

One of the most viewed writer in competitive programming. I loved reading Brian Bi answers on how he kept himself motivated to train for ACM-ICPC. His answers are very refreshing, frank and insightful.

Nick Wu

Another celebrated competitive programmer. Nick Wu works in Dropbox and is an excellent coder, reading his answers make me motivated to get a feel like “Damn, one day I will become 1/10th awesome as they are”. Follow him to know more about how to prepare for coding contests and to know more about Dropbox.

Thomas Cormen

If you are still reading this post, then chances are you are very interested in computer science and programming. Who else is a better suited person to learn more about Algorithms than the author of the legendary book “Introduction to Algorithms” ? If you ever took an algorithms class you would definitely come across this book. This is why I love quora, you can learn and understand the thought process of the legends themselves.

Tracy Chou

Love everything about Silicon Valley ? It’s a tough place for women. Valley is more of a boy’s club or geek’s club. Follow Tracy Chou for a general insight about Silicon Valley and feminism. She is an software engineer in Pinterest and frankly she is freaking awesome !!

Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin is Co-Founder of Facebook, Founder and CEO of Asana. Follow him to learn more about Asana, stories about Facebook and general awesomeness.

Jimmy Wales

Founder of wikipedia. Enough said !

Yishan Wong

Wong is CEO of Reddit. Before Reddit he worked in Facebook and Paypal (see “Paypal Mafia”). Follow him to know more about engineering in Facebook, Reddit, Paypal.

Jessica Su

Jessica is CS PhD student in Stanford. Her insight in algorithms, cs, stanford and life in general are amazing.

I will update this post as I remember more awesome people.

If you think I missed someone, post the names in comments.

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